The Logika Scanning Hot Metal Detector is capable of meeting the steel industry’s tough requirements for high repeatability and superior resolution with adjustable gain for low or high temperature product presence detection. The HMD – SM is available in 10°, 30° or 50° scan angles to accommodate any detection area. This sensor is able to detect product presence with target temperatures as low as 250°C with no upper limit.


  1. Scanning mode: Precise target acquisition,
  2. Adjustable Sensitivity for low and high temperature product detection,
  3. Ease of installation and commissioning in any plant regardless of environment,
  4. Laser positioning: Easy to aim visible laser,
  5. Anti-reflective glass window,
  6. Enclosure: IP66 mill-duty enclosure with water cooled jacket and air purging,
  7. Superior 2 year Warranty,
  8. Very high signal to noise ratio,
  9. Built in diagnostic alarms and self test function

  1. Power input: 24VDC or 110VAC ± 10%,
  2. Output: PNP/NPN, 0-10VDC,
  3. Target object temperature: 250 to 1400°C (446-2552°F),
  4. Detection range: 0.2~8m (7.8″~26.3′),


Our compact and robust Static Hot Metal Detector delivers accurate and reliable presence detection of hot steel targets with a fast output response. Several options are available to customize the HMD ST for any presence detection application such as low target temperature of 300°C. A Fiber Optic Cable option is available to mount electronics away from excessive heat sources.


  1. Adjustable Sensitivity: Easy to adapt to different plant environments
  2. LED indicators: Green = Power ON / Red = Detection
  3. Automatic Threshold Level Adjustment – to prevent signal saturation
  4. Laser positioning: Easy to aim visible aiming laser
  5. Self diagnostic test feature
  6. Enclosure: IP66 mill-duty enclosures with cooling jacket and air purging
  7. Fast response time
  8. Fiber optic cable version available for extreme high heat installations to protect circuitry


  • Power input: 24VDC or 110/220VAC ±10%
  • Output: Relay NO/NC @ 5A and PNP/NPN
  • Detection Range: 0.2 – 8m
  • Response time: Relay <20ms, PNP/NPN <2ms
  • Target object temperature: 300°C/500°C – 1400°C (572-2624°F)

  • LM-SD


    Power input: 24VDC ±10% <1.5W

    Analog Output:4-20mA @ ≤500Ω Accuracy: ±0.15%

    Accuracy: ±3mm within 30m

    Resolution: 0.1 mm

    Measuring Range: 0.2 – ≤30m, 0.2 – 100m with reflector

    Response time:Relay < 320 ms, PNP < 300ms

    Optional RS232 data and communication interface port

  • Visible red laser beam for ease of sighting
  • Compact and easy to install in difficult locations
  • Hermetically sealed cast aluminum enclosure rated IP66, includes cooling water connections and air purge.
  • High repeatability and service life
  • Up to 30m range for distance measurement, with the potential for more than 100m with target reflector
  • High accuracy and reliable even in extreme environments
  • LS 250

    1. Logika’s high resolution Loop Scanner 250 is a vital component to maintain roll speed in billet to bar/re-bar/wire rod mills/profile mills where any tension between rolling stands must be avoided. Our loop scanner can be used for vertical or horizontals loops and provides a high resolution output signal to help maintain optimal rolling speeds. This Loop Scanner can be employed with target temperatures as low as 250°C with no upper limit.


    Power input:

    24VDC or 110VAC ±10% or 220VAC, 50-60Hz


    Relay, 0-10V or 4-20mA

    Minimum target temperature:

    250-1400 °C (480-2550˚F)


    Scanning mode Loop Scanner, High accuracy, Sensitive PbS photocell , Automatic sensitivity adjustable, IP66 mill duty housing.


    1. Logika’s visible laser optical barrier (OB-VR) is designed for automation of steel, aluminium and other metal mill production lines. This optical barrier is used primarily to detect hot and cold metals. Typical applications include dummy bar detection, thin plate, billet and slab. The OB-VR uses a high powered modulated laser as the light source. The reflector returns the laser light to the optical barrier where it is converted to an electrical signal. The reflector can operate in temperatures as high as 250˚C (480˚F).


    Power input:

    24 VDC, 110VAC, 220VAC, 50-60Hz


    PNP 0/24VDC or 24/0VDC, yanıt <2ms

    Relay On-Off Time:



  • Compact and easy to install in difficult locations
  • Can be used on hot/cold steel or other opaque targets
  • Visible aiming laser to facilitate aligning the sensor with the process target and reflector
  • Insensitivity to ambient light
  • Process status indicator lights


    1. The PM series of pyrometers PM616 and PM3514 are designed exclusively for use in metal industries, our instrument is calibrated to function with the highest accuracy under the worst conditions. This one sensor can be implemented starting at the caster, all the way to the coiling of sheet. The PM series can accurately measure the surface temperature of liquid steel, slabs, billets, blooms, bars and wire rod and is an invaluable tool in process and quality control. Engineered to reduce reading errors by compensating for factors such as emissivity, dust, mist, scale or obstructions in the field of view.


  • Power input: 24VDC, 85-240VAC,
  • Output: 0-10V Linear correlated to temperature
  • Current Loop Output: 4mA-20mA or 0mA-10mA
  • Temperature reading range: 350-1400°C (PM3514) and 600°C to 1600°C (PM616) customizable range
  • Optical Resolution: D/S=50:1 (D=Distance/S=Target Diameter)